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Payment Methods


One week before

Session day

- Tell us the date you want. Once the date has been chosen, we ask you for a 20% advance payment on the package you have chosen. This amount is not refundable.

- No later than one week before the session, you must

cancel the difference to complete 50% of the amount of

the session.

- The outstanding balance is paid on the day of the session.

- The session can be rescheduled for reasons of force elderly. It is requested to notify as far in advance as possible possible.


- In case of canceling the session, a refund of the advance amount less the initial 20% which is not refundable, as long as one week's notice is given of anticipation.


- The final delivery of the edited photographs is carried out, except for some reason of force majeure, within a maximum period

10 days after the selection of the photographs.

Information of

Payments can be made by mobile phone at 8896-3737 or by transfer to the following account:

(Please send proof)


Catauge S.A.

Legal ID: 3-101-357508


National Bank Accounts



IBAN: CR53015118910010002400



IBAN: CR42015118910020002134

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