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Kimberly Zúñiga (37 years old):
Today I want to open my heart and give a message to my friends, colleagues and all those women who know me and those who don't too... 12 days ago I turned 37... I felt a thousand emotions at the same time, many nostalgic but many happy...::: When you are a woman-mom, daughter and sister... you fulfill many roles... but that of mother is indescribable... in A large part of one is lost as a woman and in that chaotically beautiful world countless things happen; but we forget who we are, we forget that we are still women, that we feel fear, anger, frustration but also happiness, joy and above all gratitude... Today I can say that I have seen myself in the mirror again as a woman, the one who is still capable of smiling, to search again for that way of feeling full and sure of herself, without fear of what people will say, without being afraid to show her side as a valuable and strong woman…. Feeling ALIVE again....:: thanks to the fact that you break those fears; you manage to look beautiful and radiant!!! When I considered doing this photo shoot; My mind opened that inner voice and said YES and the result was spectacular. Thanks to Estudio 37 and its team. They are extremely professional and of great human quality. They did a spectacular job and I can say that I feel grateful, and seeing myself in every photo was incredible!!!!! Thank you !!!

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