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María Jesús Valverde (40 years old):
Throughout my life, my relationship with my body has had great stories, some full of joy and others that have strengthened my spirit and my self-worth. My size has been a great ally, but at times I have let myself be carried away by the canons of beauty, which do not always align with my body.
Turning 40 and with a son over 20, I thought I could take on the world, but in a pandemic and without work for the first time in my life, comes the surprise of a new baby on the way. My heart was filled, but so was my body, and believe me, not in the best way.
Then a disappointment broke my heart, and the woman I had become began to decline, without feeling beautiful, loved or desired, I sought to reconnect with my being.
I got back into my profession and to celebrate my strength, I decided to carry out a self-love project, my photos are mine, they are the product of a transformation process that as a woman I wanted and needed to carry out.
The permission that we always wait for to do what we dream of is nothing more than our own permission. Don't think about it too much, the support you receive simply takes you to a new place as a woman, allow yourself to grow from within and by your own strength.
My name is Maria Valverde, I am a mother of two boys, a professional in psychology and have been working in human resources for more than 17 years. Doing this session has been an accomplished life project.

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