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Marta Molina (57 years old):
Being in front of these cameras seeking to express something about the female body invited me to think about the meaning we have given it.
The social representation of the female body varies significantly depending on culture. On this side of the world, it promotes ideals of beauty, dictates how it should look, if it is asymmetrical, sculpted in marble; elegant, attractive, soft, covered, modest, without marks, without ties.
The irony is that that same culture, so intoxicated with stereotypes, flagellates that idealized female body with demands that target and destroy female self-esteem.
The culture of double standards forces the body to be covered, impresses on the female mind the duty to be modest, but it enjoys uncovered bodies while pointing them out as immodest,
Hypocritical culture, which decides what is right and what is wrong, which is a beautiful body and which is not.
Singularity and difference is what makes a society beautiful. Celebrate bodies, diversity in physical appearance, skin tones, shapes, and sizes. Let's celebrate the beautiful difference.
Marta Molina, I am many women in one.

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