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Ginna Valderrama (31 years old):
My boudoir session was the gift for me and my husband.
I am the mother of a beautiful 2-year-old girl named Sarah, and those of us who are mothers know that everything changes in us, we lose ourselves as women to give everything to our little ones and then we find ourselves again and so on it is a circle.
The changes are physical, mental and spiritual, what did not matter before, no longer matters to us because our priorities change, not to mention our relationship, since we all know that sexual appetite decreases because we do not feel well.
I did my boudoir session because I thought I deserved it, it was something for me, that gift that makes you feel good and rekindles that flame that my relationship needed.
I was very worried about posing in front of the photographer... I was very embarrassed... but it had nothing to do with reality! Immediately a climate of complicity was created that made me feel super comfortable.
The best moment is when the nerves pass and you enjoy the session. When you have connected with the camera, you have forgotten about it and it is finally you and that is how it is reflected in the session.

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