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- Costumes must be carefully selected. It is important to feel comfortable. Color selection can vary greatly, but generally fairly light and dark tones work very well. It is advisable that you inform us of the colors of your clothing before the session.


- From the day before the session, it is advisable not to wear clothing such as stockings or others that may mark the skin.


- We suggest light makeup without much shine. If you are going to take black and white images, it is preferable to use makeup in natural and earth tones.


- The type of hairstyle is personal selection.


- Aspects such as manicure, pedicure and waxing can be important.


- It is ideal that the day before the session you have rested and hydrated.


- It is advisable that you arrive without much hurry or stress and with the best possible attitude. A "mood" of serenity and positivism can help a lot in the result of the session.

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