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Preguntas Frecuentes

  • Where they are located?
    Boudoir 37 is located in Barrio Los Yoses in San Pedro De Montes de Oca.
  • Which are the schedules?
    Our sessions take place from Monday to Saturday, starting in the morning or afternoon. All sessions require an appointment.
  • Do they have changing rooms?
    We collaborate closely with Carol Ropa Íntima to provide you with a unique experience. Before your session, we will assist you in a prior meeting to carefully select the wardrobe that highlights your attributes in the best possible way. Additionally, as our valued client, you will have the opportunity to purchase this set at Carol Ropa Intima with an exclusive discount. However, in the studio we have clothes to complement your wardrobe.
  • Is it necessary to have modeling experience?
    Not necessary. We carry out all the direction that applies equally to people without or with experience in modeling
  • What happens if I'm not a photogenic person?
    At Boudoir 37 we believe that this is very often a myth. We manage all the variables and adjust them in a personalized way to obtain the best result in each session.
  • Can I bring a companion(s) to the session if I wish?
    Yes, however, our space is limited and prior to the session we coordinate accordingly.
  • Do they have parking?
    Yes, we have parking with space for two vehicles.
  • Do you offer makeup and hair service?
    Yes we offer it. There is an additional charge except for sessions in which it is already included.
  • What is the delivery time for edited images?
    It may vary but generally no more than 10 days. For urgent cases we can deliver “overnight” with an additional charge.
  • Do you deliver printed photographs?
    We deliver only digital images. We recommend quality printing places.
  • Would it be possible to establish a confidentiality and image protection contract?
    We ensure complete confidentiality of all information and images captured during our sessions. If our client requests it, we are willing to formalize this commitment through a contract.
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